Should You Allow Your Tenants To Keep Pets?

Landlord Gets Mega Surprise When He Sees His Tenants Pet Cat

Quite often as a landlord you will get numerous queries from prospective tenants that are responding to one of your property listing adverts, wondering if you allow pets in your house.

Typically its a dog, cat, fish or some sort of reptile and quite often most landlords would refuse.  The cost and hassle of having to return the property up to a high standard after a flea / tick infestation is just too much of a headache.

However, on the odd occasion you might be tempted to allow a tenant to have a pet.  Especially if you yourself are a pet owner and know how well behaved certain pets can be.

Can you image the look on this landlords face when he turned up to do a quarterly house inspection only to be greeted with this huge animal?!?

What would you have done if you found this wild cat swimming in the pool of your property investment?

Rent Property Fast With These 5 Tips

Struggling To Rent Your House?

Renting property fast isn’t easy. From seeking out the ideal tenants to property preparation, there are so many elements involved in the process. Based on market specialists, however, there are methods to renting a house fast and getting timely results. Like every home available for sale, appearance is the key to drawing in and fascinating possible buyers. In the same way, to rent a property quick calls for true attractiveness and cleanliness. This means having a well maintained garden, as well as landscaping and painted exteriors/interiors. These kinds of touch ups are essential in attracting potential tenants and interested people. Additionally, power cleaning could eliminate curbside stains, while cutting shrubs and hedges help showcase your property in its best light.

How to rent property quickly

Decorative Rooms

Possible renters not merely examine exteriors, they also check out virtually each room in the home. Hence, it is crucial to clean all rooms and make them appear shiny and radiant. From bedrooms and living rooms to bathrooms and attics, these areas need to appear like 5-star hotel rooms. Incorporating drapes, curtains, or anything at all to enhance the design is very important. Capturing the appeal and essence of every single room theme also plays a pivotal role in developing consistency in design. While you don’t have to pay pricey charges for shampooing, simply vacuuming your rugs and carpets goes a long way too. If looking to rent house fast, it is important to stick with these strategies in securing the ideal and most interested renters for your house.

Modern Home Furnishings

Together with appealing bedding sets and pictures on your wall, your furniture also speaks a lot regarding your tastes. As per residential letting professionals, obsolete or vintage furniture is simply won’t cut it. Not only can it push potential tenants away, it can even cut down the value of your house and subsequent achievable rent levels. To guarantee the right look, contemporary or modern furnishings and accents are very important. Though expensive in price, it is really an investment that will help you rent property quick. The furnishings and accents are also meant to complement any decor, and will certainly last for years to come. Remember, leasing your house means you may have to purchase certain items that attract and bring in tenants.

Social and Mobile Media Promotion

Social media marketing and mobile marketing platforms are an effective way to advertise your house. From Facebook to Twitter, you’ll be able to efficiently market your house to mass or niche followers. The social media networks are also excellent in establishing a lasting hype concerning your house or leasing unit. Best of all, it is possible to bring in possible renters that are looking for safe, reasonably priced, and cozy places to stay. Don’t forget to list all the amenities close to your house, including public transportation, retail venues, dining places, city centers, and a lot more. This will secure the comfort most renters are looking for in rental homes.

Property Management Specialists

Perhaps the best approach to garner interest in your property is by speaking to letting agents or a property management company. With numerous years of in-depth industry experience, these experts concentrate on advertising leasing units to interested individuals. Not only would they get hold of the perfect renters for your house, they could help prevent problems like delayed rent payments, void intervals, and other issues. Above all, these experts can guarantee quick property viewings to help expedite leasing.

Video Showing How To Rent Property Fast

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